Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A good deal for AARP members

I don't know if this is common knowledge among AARP members but you can use your AARP card and receive discounts at retail stores.

One of the best deals I have seen is between AARP and the outlet stores of Reebok and Rockport. These stores offer a 20 percent discount on all purchases year round. Here is the best part: it applies to any and all purchases.

Here is what you might expect. Buy a first pair of shoes at the discounted outlet price; buy a second pair at 50 percent off. And then, show your AARP card and take an additional 20 percent off the entire purchase.

Both Reebok and Rockport make a high quality product and excellent footwear.

Imagine this transaction. Buy a first pair of walking shoes that retail for $69 for the outlet price of $49. Then buy a second pair of a similar shoe for your spouse. That brings the total to $98. Take off 20 percent and you pay $78.40 plus any local taxes. You now walked away with goods worth $138 for just $78.40 plus tax. That's a 43 percent savings!!!

Bob DeMarco